“Facilitating Hope – Personal and Societal Challenges”


The power of the person-centered and experiential approach becomes evident at the brim of hope and despair. An attitude toward our clients, which is characterized by fundamental confidence in self-actualizing processes, could be equally described as a hopeful source to enable changes and growth. Emancipatory aspects of this approach find expression in the trust in personal growth and development towards social orientation as well as in self-related dimensions.

By offering the core conditions to our clients we provide an atmosphere – could this be named as an atmosphere of hope?

Witnessing present social protests, changes, upheavals and results of value shifts all over the world - does facilitating hope increasingly become a personal and societal challenge?

Clients express their states of hope in very different ways. Clients hope to find support in the person of a psychotherapist or counsellor – is there a hidden tendency to force pathological codependency instead of facilitating hope?

This conference will comprise the wide variety of orientations and cultures within the person-centered and experiential psychotherapy and counselling world. In addition to traditional formats we will also provide structures to make your scientific inputs visible. We would like to invite all participants to develop a wide range of aspects – enriched with up-to-date scientific findings and expert opinions as well as with personal conclusions and experiences.

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