Forms of Presentation

Contributions with fixed speakers

Hot Topic Sessions - 60 minutes

Apart from the wide range of the program the focus of the Pre-Conference will – for the first time in PCE Conferences – move to selected contributions of present topics, relevant for society. We have invited internationally renowned Speakers: Luise Reddemann, Franz Schuh.

Keynotes – 60 minutes

The four keynote speakers of the conference have substantially contributed to research and theoretical development of the PCE approach. During the keynotes there are no parallel sessions.

Semi-Plenary – 60 minutes, moderated

Beside the keynote lectures there will be semi-plenaries every day. Two lectures at the same time allow participants to choose between different topics, sub-orientations and personalities. This should allow the participants an additional opportunity to concern themselves with the various approaches to PCE psychotherapies on the basis of the conference theme of “facilitating hope“.


Reflection Group - 60 minutes, moderated

Various topics, approaches and processes that might occur after individual professional contributions on the theme of “facilitating hope” may be discussed on a large scale and together with colleagues.

Encounter - 90 minutes, facilitated

A centerpiece of the World Conference is the encounter group on every day of the conference, facilitated by experienced psychotherapists and counsellors from all over the world.

Presentations, you should submit an abstract for

Short Presentation
Panel Discussion
Poster Presentation

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