Reflection Group - 60 minutes, moderated

Various topics, approaches and processes that might occur after individual professional contributions on the theme of “facilitating hope” may be discussed on a large scale and together with colleagues. This is why we offer all participants the opportunity for a daily, moderated, exchange with keynote speakers and representatives of the semi-plenary lecturers. On the last day of the conference the keynote speakers together with representatives of the semi-plenaries are invited to a final discussion.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange and the opportunity to reflect on the various approaches within the wide range of the PCE world and maybe allow something new to emerge from it!



Dagmar Nuding

David Murphy
United Kingdom

Facilitated Encounter Group

Pre-Conference: 7 units with 90 minutes each
Conference: 1 unit with 90 minutes per day

The encounter group during the Pre-Conference is a tradition of international person-centered conferences. It offers the opportunity to experience an encounter group and a group process in the here and now, to participate in it and to reflect on it, to get to know conference participants and to establish international links.
The encounter will be supported by an international team of experienced person-centered group facilitators, the number of participants is not limited. Renata Fuchs is the organizational head of the facilitators' team. Following the group facilitators in alphabetical order:

Divine Charura
United Kingdom

Peter Frenzel

Renata Fuchs

Sheila Haugh
United Kingdom

Vlado Hlavenka
Czech Republic

Lore Korbei

Martín Lange

Jean-Marc Randin