Forms of Presentation

There are the following possibilities to present your contribution:

Lecture – 45 min. lecture  + 15 min. discussion = 1 hour
Your presentation is of max. 45 minutes, possibly supported by a powerpoint presentation and you will discuss your presentation afterwards with the audience. The total time available is 60 minutes. These individual lectures (presentations) are of philosophical, theoretical, clinical, research-based or practical character. Case studies, work-in-progress reports, research reports or proposals for future research topics should have room as well as basic considerations, clinical topics, socio-cultural and politically relevant issues, questions concerning the understanding and history of PCE approaches etc.

Short Presentation
20 minutes (two presentations of 20 min. each + discussion of 10 min.  = 1 hour)
Within a slot of 60 minutes you will present your topic for 20 minutes, possibly supported by a powerpoint presentation and discuss afterwards with the audience (total time of 30 minutes). Or you present your topic together with a colleague, each of you for 20 minutes and both of you have a discussion of 20 minutes with the audience in the end.
This format allows for a short lecture of 20 minutes for 2 persons. The short lectures may either be controversial or complementary. Only one short presentation may be submitted, with the Scientific Committee being responsible for putting 2 short presentations together within one slot of 60 minutes.
Please submit your papers individually and indicate, where applicable, the colleague with who you would like to have the short presentation together with.

(demonstration interview/session) 60 or 90 minutes
If you would like to show the way you are working in practice, please use this format. You bring one (or more) persons or you ask someone from the audience to participate and you do a “demonstration interview” or a “demonstration session” with a small group, the way Carl Rogers often used to do it, for a live experience of the approach. Following, you will discuss the experience with the audience – please reserve at least one third of the total slot time for discussion.

Panel Discussion 60 or 90 minutes
You present together with (usually at least 2) colleagues and discuss among yourselves and with the audience (total time 60 or 90 minutes). Please provide at least one third of the total time for discussion.
Under one heading panel discussions may be submitted on a coherent topic. These submissions usually include at least three individual presentations in order to show or compare individual ideas and concepts. The subsequent discussion includes the audience. Please register yourself as author and your colleagues as co-author under one heading.

Colloquium 60 or 90 minutes
You will exchange your views with one or more colleagues. The audience will participate in your exchange after a short time. You may submit individual contributions to topics that are either complementary or controversially discussed. 2 – 4 persons exchange their views in dialogic form on personal views, positions, standards of knowledge and perspectives. Furthermore, the audience has the opportunity to actively participate in this professional exchange of ideas. The focus of each colloquium is not on questions and answers, but on discourse and the exchange of individual ideas.

Workshop 90 minutes
You will work on one topic together with the participants. You may introduce into the topic by a short powerpoint presentation, if you wish. The focus is on the discussion with the participants and within the group. The total time is 90 minutes.
In daily routine we often lack the time or the framework to reflect in dialogue with colleagues on the experiences with clients, to discuss about topics relevant to our profession and qualify results of research contributions or integrate them into everyday work. Interactive contributions are the basis for an active and diverse occupation with the conference theme. This format is particularly suitable for explaining or working on a topic or an idea by questioning the lecturer as well as by contributions from participants.

Poster Presentation
60 minutes
Contributions about empirical, conceptual, theoretical and methodological research may be presented by posters.
The poster is a compact presentation of scientific results. Posters should have a maximum size of DIN A0 (length 118.9 cm x width 84.1 cm), portrait format. Poster presentations will take place on public areas of the conference venue during the entire conference. During presentations slots the poster authors will be available for questions and discussions in front of their posters.