Romantic Nostalgia & Current Hype

There is much to see: From Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Imperial Palace to the Art Nouveau splendor of the Secession, from the magnificent baroque palace Schönbrunn to the Museum of Fine Arts to modern architecture at the MuseumsQuartier... more

Opera, Concerts, Events - Vienna is waiting for you ...

Vienna is the world’s capital of music — The Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna Boys’ Choir set the international tone, while the State Opera House and the Golden Hall at the Musikverein are among the world’s leading venues. Traditional strengths endure to this day — the Vienna sound pioneered by local DJs enjoys worldwide popularity.... more

Shopping, Wining Dining - K. & k. Nostalgie und aktuelle Trends

You will enjoy our recommendations! Fancy shopping, coffee houses, Heurigen, Bars, clubbings - there is nothing you cannot find in Vienna ... more

Lifestyle and Scene

Vienna is a city of many facets. Trendy clubs, "young" galleries, modern architecture and stylish shops are as much Vienna as the state opera, concert halls, the large museums, the splendid buildings and the nostalgic shops. ... more

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